Thus endeth the summer

And what a summer it was! A whole lot got done outside, thanks in very large part to the enthusiasm of JD. He was responsible for arranging to have the rotting front porch replaced, and for being the motivation behind the two of us getting a good chunk of the fence re-stained, which it sorely needed.

The new porch is lovely, and isn’t nearly as bouncy or slopey as the old one, which are probably Very Good Things.

And here’s a shot of the equally lovely look of freshly stained fence:

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Well, that was a month….

May was one of the more whirlwind months I think I’ve ever experienced. It started with¬†JD and I going to another province to help his elderly aunt move into an assisted living facility, and ended with us having to deal with her estate and all the stuff we’d moved only a couple of weeks before. Truly a roller coaster on many levels. We’re both feeling physically and emotionally drained (JD much more than me, naturally).

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Wow, time sure does pass, don’t it?

Much more time has passed than I’ve realized. Sorry ’bout that. Things got a bit crazy. Okay, yeah, things are always crazy, but this was a bit beyond the norm.

I was laid off at the end of October due to funding cuts, and things have been a roller coaster since then. I’d like to get my own website business going, but the main thing I’ve learned in this process is that nothing brings out the deep-seated feelings of inadequacy like trying to be self-employed. The internal chorus of, “Who do you think you are??” can be deafening at times.

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