I’ve come to the conclusion that this isn’t really a cold, it’s some new and horrific variant of the plague.  Never before have I had to stop halfway up the stairs to the bedroom just to catch my breath so I can make it all the way up.  This SUCKS!  Needless to say very little is getting done other than breathing, and that not very well.  As an indication of how annoying this is, I’m actually missing doing housework.  How sad is that?  We never appreciate simple things, like breathing, until they don’t work properly anymore.  My advice to all of you: CHERISH BREATHING!!

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2 thoughts on “Plague

  1. Stacey

    I do cherish it, very much! And I’m desperately hoping I’ve avoided all the nasties you and Karla and Lauren and Maureen and Shelley are sending my way. 😀


  2. Deb

    Now I’m thinking of avoiding everything north of Red Deer.

    Get well – the whole lot of you!


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