The spoils

Here’s the two recycling bags that came out of the kitchen after the weekend’s frenzy, just to prove that they exist.  Granted some of it’s daily stuff, but the majority is backlogged stuff that I’m now FREE of!!  Some of the papers in there are 12 years old.  How quickly time flies when you’re not paying attention.

Bear is checking the snow to see if it haz a flavor.

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6 thoughts on “The spoils

  1. Stacey

    I think she’s really making sure you don’t bring any of them back inside. Good girl Bear! You’re so helpful!


  2. Linda

    She is not!! She’s eating snow in hopes that I won’t notice that what she’s really doing is casing the bags for something edible (they DID come out of the kitchen, after all). But she IS a good girl. Helpful is still open for debate.



  3. Stacey

    I think you’re biased. I think she’s helpful. She’s beautiful, how could she not be helpful?? (don’t try to unpack that statement too much, please.)


  4. Linda

    Ya, okay, in her mind I’m sure she’s helpful. And I have to say that they’ve been very helpful in cleaning up things like stale cereal. In fact I might have “eye burns” on my back and arms from the close watch both of them have been keeping on me while I work.


  5. Stacey

    Ah ha! So they ARE helpful! Lovely little slave drivers that they are. 😉


  6. Linda

    They’ll be helping me to clean up some cheese buns this afternoon, too. Lucky things!!


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