So much

Well, right on schedule the emotional crash came after the happy feelings of the weekend.  Even the noticeable progress I made in the kitchen just fades into insignificance when viewed in the overall scheme.  This is what kills the momentum every time.  Being able to go back and compare the “before” pictures with what it’s like now really has helped.  I can see that there actually is progress.  It’s still far too easy to be overwhelmed by it all and start drowning in feelings of futility, though.  Adding to the mix is the fact that I’ve been away from home a fair bit this week, so there hasn’t been any further progress for a few days.

Maybe I should aim to make it all the way to the floor in front of the coffee maker table by the weekend.  Does that sound like a good goal?  How about the end of the weekend?  That sounds more doable, I think I’ll make that my goal.  I wonder if I should check the tv schedule first and see if there are any more VH1 marathons planned….

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8 thoughts on “So much

  1. Stacey

    You ARE making progress! Slow and steady wins the race. I think floor by the end of the weekend sounds like a great goal. 🙂


  2. Linda

    I’m glad I said the END of the weekend… I haven’t been home (or awake) much since Tuesday noon, so anything else was unrealistic.

    Having the pics on here really IS helping (as are the kind “rah rah” comments from both you and Deb); the temptation to just give up in despair is still there, but now there’s some weight to push back against it. Thanks guys!! *hug*



  3. Deb

    Don’t give up, Linda. Remind yourself (over and over again) that it didn’t get that way overnight. It’s not going to go away overnight.

    Hey – once I’m done school this semester, would you like me to come up and do a major cleaning day with you? I tend to lean far (far, FAR) to the ruthless end of the spectrum.


  4. Linda

    This is true. It took a decade to get here, it’s going to take at least half that to go away.

    Right now I think I’ll pass on the ruthless (but I do appreciate the offer, and am more than willing to have it transmogrify into coffee or lunch or shopping). I first need to know what I have before I’ll have any clear idea of what I can get rid of. Stage 1 is sorting the obvious junk from the not-junk and liberating some floor space to make rational decisions possible.


  5. Deb

    I can imagine having someone make those decisions for you would be anxiety-inducing. Hang in there, L. You’ll get it done!


  6. Linda

    I’m still getting over the so-called “Professional Organizer” who agreed to certain ground rules, then took less than an hour to start breaking them when I wasn’t looking. Heck, I could get a lot of area cleared, too, if I just started tossing everything within reach into a garbage bag!!


  7. Stacey

    Close your eyes and just start throwing things in a garbage bag, and tie it off before you open them? (Okay, I wouldn’t go for that method either, in my sane moments, but there are times when I’ve been tempted to pitch the entire contents of something, sight unseen. I figure if I don’t know what’s in there, surely I won’t miss it when it’s gone!)


  8. Linda

    That might work if I didn’t know that I have some seriously kewl (and irreplaceable) stuff scattered throughout the other crap.


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