A Tale of Two Kidneys

Good gawd, what a couple of weeks!  Nothing much has happened around the house except for basic maintenance and a shoveling out of  the litter pans in the bunnarium.  This is more exciting than it sounds.  Picture a blue plastic kid’s shovel, a row of large pans full of hay and… um…. other stuff, then toss in one very snoopy rabbit.  This has the makings of a video game.  Try to scoop out the pans without including the rabbit.  No, really, it’s tougher than it sounds.  I’ll let you imagine the full bag I eventually ended up with.  No rabbits were included in the completed bag.

The other big excitement was taking the BF to and from hospital for kidney stone surgery, plus being a drug runner for assorted prescriptions.  Hopefully this is the end of a month-long saga of the 1.5 cm stone.  It’s amazing how tiring worry can be.  Thankfully he’s almost back to his (ab)normal self.  I’ll soon be able to get back to abusing him as usual.

The other kidney is the final ending to another month long quest for the bovine kind.  Here I am in the heart of Canadian cow country and I can’t for the life of me find beef kidneys.  Nowhere.  In fact just asking for them gets me funny looks.  Like I’ve got a frog on my head, or like I’m planning to replace the head-frog with the kidney.  Pig parts I can find.  Should I ever feel the urge for pork stomach, cooked pork blood, pork spleen, or pork uteri, I know where I can get them, but beef kidney? Nuh uh.  Finally, after a 3-hour deli death march on Saturday I found a place that carries them.  They were sold out, but they carry them!  On Tuesday afternoon, I emerged triumphantly from the deli, clutching 3 lovely beef kidneys to my breast, cackling (inwardly).  Don’t worry, it wasn’t a scene from a slasher flick; they were individually wrapped and then stashed in a pristine white plastic bag.  I felt like I’d just scored the holy grail.  I giggled all the way home.  I even gaze lovingly at them in my still-beautifully-clean freezer.  Come Friday, stew will happen, and there will be much rejoicing.

I dedicate this entire post, rambling and incoherent as it is, to Fayed at Jomha’s Halal Meat & Deli.  Fayed, you RULE!!  Srsly.

P.S.  From the BF: “How do you cook kidneys?  You boil the pi$$ out of them!”  Sorry for that.  I had to include it to prove that he’s getting better and to show why I feel compelled to abuse him.

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4 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Kidneys

  1. Stacey

    We were at T&T last night and they have an amazing assortment of animal parts. While I didn’t see any beef kidneys, they might be able to hook you up. The pig kidneys were huge.


  2. Linda

    I did check there a couple of weeks ago (they were the pig-parts-place), but they didn’t have anything. They looked at me funny when I asked, too. I guess it’s less weird to eat pig noses & uteri than beef organs?


  3. Deb

    I squirm just reading this post…. mleargh!!!

    Glad B is doing better stone-free!


  4. Linda

    Heh…. sorry, Deb. I’ll bet it’s cured your sugar cravings, though!


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