Smack into a wall

No, that doesn’t mean that I’ve made it to a wall, sadly.  It means I’ve stalled out completely.  Two weeks fighting a cold (how on earth do I get sick when I’m not out among people, I’ll never understand), and all the outside stuff is as bad as before, worse in some places, and the inside stuff just sits and laughs at me.  So, so much to do and absolutely no energy or motivation whatsoever.  I need to find a project…. something manageable to get back into it.  Maybe I should start with a nap.  Y’know, recharge those batteries.  Heck, I think my batteries are dead and no longer able to hold a charge.  Maybe if I turn on the tv and pick away mindlessly at the horror in the living room, stuff will happen without my being aware of it?  Perhaps?  I should go try that.


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3 thoughts on “Smack into a wall

  1. Stacey

    no matter how many dandelions or thistles I attack, there are always more. But I keep trying anyway. I haven’t figured out yet if that makes me diligent or crazy. 😉 In the mean time, I think my little finance book has a good mantra for your situation too: “No shame, no blame.” Just keep plugging along. Seems like it will work with “stuff” as well as money!


  2. Deb

    Naps are wonderful things. I often come up with my best ideas during naps. Maybe the key to finally gettting through this is in a nap! My dog agrees… at least i think that’s what her snoring means.


  3. Linda

    I have been picking… slowly, slowly…. I also have a snoring dog, so maybe the stars are aligning?


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