Mowing neighbours and new goodies

After weeks of pampering and fussing over my sickly little purple daylily it finally had buds on it turning dark purple.  It was going to bloom!!  Then my well-intentioned neighbour mowed it.  *sigh*  It’s now an inch tall.  No buds, needless to say.  How does someone mow something with big royal purple flowers on it?!  Fortunately it’s coming back and should survive with more pampering, even if it won’t get to bloom this year.  It has a wire tomato cage around it now, so hopefully it doesn’t get mowed again.

On a happier not, I found a couple more lovely ones!  The peachy one is from WalMart while the pinkish one is from Apache Seeds:

Peachy!Dusty rose daylilyAnd here are the promised updates from the other non-mowed daylilies:

Red daylilyWhite daylily


Pretty flower

That last one is a freebie; it came with the house and blooms like a son-of-a-gun every year. :rose:

And, as a reward for making it this far, Sounder says, “thank you”.

Thank you

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2 thoughts on “Mowing neighbours and new goodies

  1. Stacey

    Sad, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty needs a cuddle! (In that order. I hope I got the right number of pretties or I may have just suggested you cuddle a flower.) My dad used to regularly mow my mom’s attempts at Sun Flowers, no matter how many times she told him they were there or what she did to try to protect them. I think it was intentional. 😉


  2. Linda

    If you put a comma after the last “pretty” I won’t be cuddling a flower.

    I used to have a daylily in the back yard that Mom would always mow. I came home one day to a crudely fashioned cross made of long grass and twigs.


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