Two months late…..

Well, it’s a wee bit later than the end of May, but the Keurig project is DONE!!  I feel all happy and like I actually have a say in my house again.  I’ve even had coffee from it, and it’s wonderful!!  Here are the before and after pics:

A nice clean table beside the microwave stand.  This is the same table that you’ve seen in earlier posts, so I didn’t bother reposting the pre-cleaned pics again.

And, just because I have the picture to prove it, here’s some of the bags that have gone out in the last week or so.  There are more waiting. it’s been raining so much that I haven’t put out a whackload of cardboard.  Leaving soggy cardboard for the recycling guys just seems so rude somehow, y’know?


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4 thoughts on “Two months late…..

  1. Deb

    I’d be rude and put the cardboard out. I would, but I’m too busy driving to your house for a cup of coffee. Yeah you!


  2. Linda

    It might actually NOT RAIN (yes, I know, that’s nearly unbelievable) after today. Maybe. If so, the cardboard will go out on Wed or Thurs for Friday pickup.

    Coffee’s waiting! Kahlua, even! :laugh:


  3. Stacey

    Looking very good! Easy coffee next to easy cooking, seems like a match made in heaven to me! (I’ve put the cardboard out before, even in the rain…)


  4. Linda

    That’s the plan for the long weekend. Coffee, cooking, cardboard. Well, and napping, but it doesn’t alliterate.


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