Mobius skirt (a knitterlude)

Okay, so here’s an update on the $%^& knitting.  I got 25+ rows (of 200+ stitches each) into Try the First before discovering that I was knitting a Mobius strip instead of a skirt.  Ripped that out with dire muttering.  Nine rows into Try the Second, and I realize that I’ve done it again, despite every effort to do it differently.  The dogs wisely cleared out of the living room while I ripped it out, again.

I’m now three rows into Try the Third, and it still looks like it’s supposed to.  This one might actually be a skirt and not a mathematical construct.  Stay tuned.

Also, if the weekend stays clear of outside obligations, there’s a very good chance that I can get three bins finished and into the shed, and get the cardboard, a bag of garbage, and a couple of bags of recycling put out.  *fingers crossed*


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