Losing ground

After a couple of weeks of social butterflying (and having a great time, I should add), I’ve come back to reality with a *thud*.  Not only have I not moved forward, things have started to deteriorate.  New shopping is piling up (not much, but still), the kitchen light’s burned out, snow needs shoveling (more’s falling), etc., etc., etc.  So discouraging.

Also, to add to it, I’ve gained five pounds from all the eating out.  I’m not regretting the fun, but I do wish things would not start moving backwards the moment I look away.  It’s going to be another Christmas without decorations; the thought of all the extra effort that would take makes me want to cry.

I guess I know what I’m spending this weekend doing.


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5 thoughts on “Losing ground

  1. JR

    Losing ground – I have that feeling – I think the mice are taking territory that I didn’t even realize existed. There is always next week, and I’m contemplating it right now. Well, soon, anyway …


  2. Deb

    First – turns out I can’t access you via Firefox. I can on IE, though, so I’m back.

    Second – I’m sorry you’re having a setback… but no setback is permanent. You’ll get back on track. I promise you will.

    Third – The skirt. Oh, Linda, the skirt!!! Gorgeous! Have you worn it yet???

    Fourth – You’ve made AMAZING progress since I was last able to see your blog. AMAZING! I’m sure the setback is a temporary glitch and you’ll be on your way in NO time!


  3. Linda

    I got a wee bit of pecking done on the weekend, so I’m not feeling quite as useless as I was. I did make the mistake of looking at what’s left, though. *sigh*

    WB, Deb! Glad to hear you’re back with us.

    I did wear the skirt!! About 3 times last week. It’s WONDERFUL!! The lining is all swishy-sounding and the weight of the thing feels very satisfying. Thanks!! I have a dark plum one in the final stages, too. I wanted to get a pic of me wearing it, but completely forgot. Brain = oatmeal.

    I went and looked at the studio before work this morning, and reminded myself how much was there only a couple of months ago. That helped a bit. At least until I started noticing how much was still there. *sigh again*

    Tonight I’m planning on a trip to Walmart for more bins. Maybe that’ll jump start something.


  4. Allison

    Hey, what about printing out images of your photos of where you started and progress and sticking them on the wall / door of the studio? visible reminder that you are doing it!


  5. Linda

    Hmm…. y’know, that might not be a bad idea. Or up the hall from the back door so things get progressively better as I move into the house. Great idea, thanks!



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