Epic fail

Yeah, well, the title pretty much says it all.  Here it is, Thursday of the second week after my last post, and not only haven’t I updated last week’s goals and added new ones, I haven’t even managed to do last week’s goals!  Go, me!  *sigh*

Okay, so it wasn’t a total failure.  I managed to throw out 2 things of the 80 promised.  I know, I know, not anything to be proud of but better, marginally, than 0.

I finally manged, last night, to finish digging my car, parking area, and driveway out from under last Saturday’s blizzard.  That was fun.  Not.  At least the snow was fluffy and light, and it wasn’t “crystalize your marrow” cold out.  In fact, it wasn’t bad at all, now that I think of it.  Not that I’d want to repeat the experience tonight, but it does make a nice thought in hindsight.

I have no excuse whatsoever to offer for my tardiness.  I frittered the time away.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Just frittered.  Oh, and it was fun.  I won’t deny that.  Fun frittering.  And, yes, it’s fun saying “frittering”, too.

So, to recap, here are the currently outstanding goals:

  1. 80 things out (it would be lame beyond words to deduct the 2 items at this point)
  2. washer fluid into van
  3. 1 load to storage unit.

I should probably add another penalty to that for frittering, but at this rate I’ll be so bogged down in penalties that I’ll never get ahead, which would probably be a bad thing.  Not surprisingly, I much prefer to live in a world free of consequences for frittering.  Yes, I am delusional, thank you for noticing!

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4 thoughts on “Epic fail

  1. allison

    Be optimistic: Mercury retrograde coming up means it’s easier to finish things than to start them.


  2. Linda

    Oh dear, Mercury retrograde usually snarls things up beyond recall. Oh well, I can always blame the planets for not getting stuff done, right??

    Actually, I’m hoping you’re right about the ease of finishing things. It would be nice to finish something instead of always having stuff start itself then get interrupted by something else starting itself.


  3. JR

    I am not adding up “checks” or “fails” (’cause they seem to be slightly out of balance!) – but the Green bag is ready to go, I can open the basement door without knocking over many things, and the litter tray has been refreshed – sometimes, you takes your yesses where they happen


  4. Linda

    Congrats! Those sound like complete anti-fails to me. I’ll bet the cats agree, too. Yep, you certainly do take your yesses where you can. Some day, I, too, will grasp that concept.


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